Art and Photo Scanning

Scanning preserves details in the original photo or artwork so that it can be reproduced or scaled in size. The technician focuses on details within the image during the enhancement process. An auto dust/scratches filter is applied to eliminate tiny dust particles and repair light imperfections. Larger tears, imperfections, object removal, and color adjustments are priced additionally upon request. Estimates are provided for the work prior to start.

Pricing is based upon file size, so it’s imperative to know if you intend to print at the same size, larger, or smaller. Scans are provided at 300ppi at the requested, final print size. Files are saved as TIFF; JPEG files are available upon request. All scans are color profiled using Adobe RGB at 8bit. 16bit scans are available upon request.

Types of Materials to Scan

  • Reflective media
  • Transparent, Film (positive & negative)
  • Slides
  • Lineart
  • Mounted originals

Examples of Scanned Originals

  • Photos
  • Fine Art up to 18×24
  • Old/worn magazines or newsprints
  • Fragile documents
  • Gelatin silver plates

Scan Resolution Basics

Commercial Printing

  • 300 ppi

Laser Printing

  • 200 ppi

B&W Line Art

  • 600 ppi

Scanning for Enlargements

  1. How will this be reproduced?
    (Will it be commercially printed? Laser printed? Or is this line art?)
  2. How large will it be printed?

EX: To reproduce your 8×10 image at twice the size (16×20) on a commercial press at 300ppi, you must scan it with double the final resolution. This would equate to 8×10 at 600ppi which can be translated to 16×20 at 300ppi.

Scanning Services

  • $40 Minimum charge
  • Estimated scanning fee: $1.00 per mb
  • Files delivered as 300ppi Tif; 8-bit
  • Jpeg files delivered upon request
  • Dust and minor scratch removal performed
  • Additional retouching or major restoration provided at $100/hour; minimum charge $65.00 (rates are in addition to scanning fee)

Scanning File Size

Standard Frame Size Square Inches File Size at 300ppi File Size at 600ppi
4″x5″ 20 sqin 10 mb 30 mb
4″x6″ 24 sqin 10 mb 30 mb
5″x7″ 35 sqin 10 mb 40 mb
6″x8″ 48 sqin 20 mb 50 mb
8″x10″ 80 sqin 30 mb 90 mb
8″x12″ 96 sqin 30 mb 100 mb
8-1/2“x11” 93.5 sqin 30 mb 100 mb
9″x12″ 108 sqin 30 mb 120 mb
10″x13″ 130 sqin 40 mb 140 mb
11″x14″ 154 sqin 40 mb 160 mb
12″x16″ 192 sqin 50 mb 200 mb
14″x18″ 252 sqin 70 mb 260 mb
16″x20″ 320 sqin 90 mb 330 mb
20″x24″ 480 sqin 130 mb 500 mb