Construction Site Signage

Utilize vinyl banners along fence-lines to hide construction progress while branding the project to the builder or end-client. Pique the interest of the community by printing renderings of the final project along with a feature list to highlight upcoming changes.

Benefits of Construction Site Signage

  • Promote the project, builder, client, or key sponsors
  • Create a clear barrier to protect onlookers from the construction site
  • Hide construction debris

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Site Signage Media

Traditional Vinyl Banner

  • 13oz (Standard)
  • 16oz (Extra Durable)

Mesh Banner

  • Partial View
  • Allows airflow

Adhesive Vinyl (mounted)

  • Freestanding signs
  • Best for long-term use

Sending Signage Files FAQ

  • PDF Files preferred
  • Vector images recommended
  • Recommended photo resolution: 72ppi – 150ppi